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I'm a 41yr old, mum of two, Thomas (12/93) and Catherine (12/95) working for a commercial bank in sales financing. We've got a 15 yr old Westie called Charlie (or Charlie Barker because he's a noisy critter). Come and join the greatest group of stitchers there is at Cross Stitch Crazy on here. Or peek at my blog here - stitchopolis.blogspot.com Or check out my latest project - sewstitchy.co.uk
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Blue & White China RR 50% Wild Menagerie by Cross My Heart 32% Penguin RR 25% Christmas Mystery by Pam Kellogg 20% ABC RR by Mon Ami Pierre 20% Sweet Summer Sampler by Bright Needle 20% Earth Dragon by Cross My Heart 14% Midsummer Night's Dream by Mirabilia 10% DMC Teddy Bear 8% Emperor Penguins by Craft Collection 3% Celtic Spring by Lavender & Lace 1%

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